Ahalya Ravendran

Recent News

  • May 2021: Got selected to participate at RPL Summer School, but will not be able to attend due to travel restrictions.
  • Mar 2022: Presented my research at SIRIS Seminar Series.
  • Jul 2021: Represented ACFR and presented my research and insights during ISS 2021 High School Outreach Activity hosted by the Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney.
  • Apr 2021: Presented my research at SIRIS seminar series as part of the group talk by robotic imaging team
  • Jun 2020: Completed first-year progress review evaluation
  • Feb 2020: Won 3rd place as a team at Robotic Vision Summer School workshop competition on visual identification with PiBot robot
  • Oct 2019: Started PhD under the supervision of Dr. Donald Dansereau at ACFR, The University of Sydney, Australia

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Dr. Carl Sagan

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